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Dogecoin Paper Wallet

How to create a paper wallet?
Step 1: download doge.html
Step 2: open this file on a OFFLINE computer.
You can open it with any browser, again no need to be ONLINE

You will get a PUBLIC KEY starting with the letter "D".
This is the address where to send Dogecoin to your new paper wallet.
You will also get a PRIVATE KEY.
This is the key needed to SEND money. Keep this one secret.

How to check your balance?
The PUBLIC KEY you received is where to send your Dogecoin.
Since it's on the blockchain, you can always get your real-time balance through any Dogecoin explorer
Just put your public key in the explorer search at the top to see your balance.

How to send money out of my new paper wallet?
Most wallets have a PRIVATE KEY import feature
Here's how to use the Dogecoin Core Wallet:

– Start your Dogecoin Core wallet
– Click on “Help” in the menu bar of the wallet
– Click on “Debug window” from the menu
– Select the “Console” tab to be able to type commands
– Import the private key with: importprivkey “your Private key”
– You can check to see that a new receiving address has been added in the wallet

That's all. You can now send your Dogecoin using the Dogecoin Core wallet.
Try it with 1 Dogecoin first to feel more comfortable.
Paper wallets are the single most secure way to store your Dogecoin.
Don't put everything in one address since you want to move some around.

How do you store your keys?
There is no O and 0 or I and l so no confusion. I suggest writing it down on a piece of paper and keeping it somewhere safe.

The Game Plan
Most exchanges are trading against your coins.
If you take your coins away, they will have to buy them back without liquidity.
To The Moon!

Stay Safe,
Power to the People

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