Security and privacy are crucial to me!

I am proud to presents to you the most Advanced Decentralized Mobile Edge Computing Video Conferencing Platform. There is no limit to the number of Participants that can be added. It's limited to the processor reaching 75% utilization.

It is a decentralized video platform where anyone can participate by hosting a copy of this server.

The industry currently consumes 1.5 GHz/user for merging and so on. Very biffy operation. We consume 50MHz/user, 30 Times less!. Call us the GREEN Video Conferencing Platform.

As you can see from the source code on this page, we are using SHA256 to broadcast the room you want to access over the network, and we are using RSA encryption to communicate with the end server. No one can know the room you've created. Only the server hosting your room and the attendees you've invited. Unlike other video applications, you cannot listen to the socket to get a room's ID. The one you will probably get is a HASH. Good luck with that!

Everyone uses your data and processes all of your images and videos that they can find to sell you ads.

People, let's be clear. We simply DO NOT track, log, record and follow you. No ones can know the names of the rooms that exist. Not even us!

The copy of the server we will provide you will be password protected and can only run on a virtual machine platform such as Oracle VirtualBox or the simply amazing ESXI platform from VMWare. Again, we will not have the password for this compiled copy.

Server requirement:
Processor: 20GHz +, no need more than 50GHz
Hard drive: 10GB SSD
Memory: 4GB, we suggest 8GB
Connection: 100 Mbps UP/Down

As you can see, it's nothing. The most important will be the response time of your server. The one with the fastest response time will win the "mining" rewards. it will likely be the closest server to the new participant, hopefully someone in your neighborhood gets the rewards when you connect. Share the Love!

We will simply create a form where you can enter your server's MACID that only you know and provide us your crypto wallet address to receive the rewards.

We will be doing further testing in the coming month and deliver you the first version by Christmas.


Oh yeah. I tried to have Andy Jassy the new Amazon CEO to resonate over the horrible story that happened to me with Amazoo. Thanksgiving was a good opportunity for them. But again, and again, and again, and again ... NO RESPONSE FROM THEM!

Read the Horrible Story. Shame on you Amazoo!


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This is not about what happened to me on Amazon. It's about INNOVATION & us!

We are all born with the “Book of Life”, we all know what is wrong and what is right. The reason Amazon is what they are today is because their CEO has decided to ignore the “book of life” on too many occasions. It's easy to pass when you're cheating!


The postal service of any country is essential for the success of new entrepreneurs and distributors. Just to think that Amazon is trying to control and decimate this industry just doesn't make sense.


Dear Amazon employees. I am deeply sorry for all the mental torture Amazon has put you through. You have all heard of my story and none of you have been able to do nothing. Not to mention the constant monitoring and evaluation of your physical / mental performance. Ouch!. Just to think that some of you had to urinate into a bottle at the risk of under performing when the management has probably been promoted upstairs is totally unacceptable. Open your eyes. Name me one publicly traded company where this happens for fear of sanction.


I see that many of you are concerned about the waste produced by Amazon. I'm sure you all received a small item in a box that could hold hundreds. Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg.


The real pollution comes from all the returns produced by Amazon without even trying to recycle it. They basically bundle 10% of items over $ 50 that the customer has not declared faulty and throw the rest to subcontractors who have no idea what to do with so much garbage and waste. non-essential items that no one wants, since most likely this item is in a brown box with bubble wrap. What do you want to do with this? Is it salable? So many little parts with batteries, chemicals and so on that are really hard to salvage.


What to do with a small cosmetic kit without brand or packaging for example? Usually under normal circumstances, such as in the perfect world of retail. It should be returned to the distributor who is familiar with this item and can recycle or repair it properly. You can't deny it, you can't sell trash without demand to Walmart. You must obey all common and applicable laws and a buyer with common sense must allow the purchase. Amazon, you can send them just about any useless / illegal products and they will greatly accept it. This must change!


Have you ever sold an item on Amazon and suddenly saw your item dispatched nationwide without having any sales for that item or sales history.


 I call this Stuffing! Let me explain.


The expansion of the Amazon warehouse is based on stuffing. Anyone can buy hundreds of useless products that they can find overseas without even looking at them and send them directly to an Amazon warehouse to eventually never to be seen in a landfill in your neighborhood.


Let me tell you about the dirtiest practice Amazon employs with sellers to promote this stuffing. For each product with multiple sellers, they will redirect daily demand to only a few sellers at a time. Do you see the picture now?


I'll keep it simple. Let's say you should get a demand of 3-5 per day for a specific item so that you can easily forecast the next 4 months considering how long it takes to order and receive the goods. Now as a newcomer Amazon will give you a week with 4X higher sales which will push you to order a huge quantity of this item to leave you in the dust later since a newcomer Seller B has just arrived and amazon have a special treatment for him. Here is the best part, as soon as your big order gets confirmed in the amazon system, if you are lucky you will get 1 per day. They will then charge you a storage fee until you ask them to destroy it ( as per their own term ) or return it to you. But since the goods are everywhere asking them to return the goods to you will cost you more than to abandon it. This is the problem! So, most sellers will order 500 pieces for a 3-5 day demand item and after 6 months after receiving orders for only 50 pieces. The seller will likely ask Amazon to return or destroy it. Imagine the waste. Now, I have no doubts that if you take all of the merchandise from every Amazon warehouse, you will end up with over 70% of it destined to end up in a landfill. Alarming you say!


I called this the dirtiest practice of all because it is a total ecological disaster of precious resources ending up in our landfill due to Amazon's sales practices around the world.


You see, innovation comes from the family business owned by all of us. They are the ones who forge and build our civilization as we know it today. They are the lifeblood of our economy. We should do everything to protect them.


The reason Amazon sales are down isn't because of me, I'm just starting the CYBERMONDAY today to tell you the real face of Amazon. Or is it, anyway.


Thanks to GRU ‘s minions. They've created in a light-speed time delivery apps around the world to have you delivered anything you can imagine from trusted retailers promoting local distributors in record time.


Retailers all over the world are now flourishing thanks to these delivery apps. They all now have an army of FREE delivery people. Everyone WINS. Retailers are now offering 30% off on these platforms because the cost of operation is almost zero and this now gives them visibility into a lot more products than they actually have in store. Some stores are now opening new distribution warehouses with products exclusive to these platforms as they run out of shelf space in the store. It's a huge new source of income for grocers and retailers around the world. Simple and maximum exposure to them.


In addition to bringing more revenue to retailers, this allowed them to more effectively dispose of excess inventory that may have been disposed of inappropriately. Before the store category managers were limited to a small space in the store. Now, each of them can innovate and experiment with new sales avenues with these delivery platforms offering endless possibilities. Just amazing!


For example your order online at your favorite retailer of $ 100 is now $ 70 + 10% app service fee + 15% driver tips is now $ 87. Amazon can't offer an extra 15% off to make the cut, they just can't.


Let's talk about delivery ethics. Amazon, on the other hand, hires subcontractors to deliver its goods. Why? Because these contractors can further abuse employees and ignore regulations and social responsibility that Amazon cannot. Most of them have no capital other than 3-5 trucks and require new hires to pay the $ 100 per day gasoline fee until Amazon pays them at the end of the cycle payment. Really, and of course, none of them have social insurance / protection of any kind. Do you think Fedex can / will do this? So why Amazon! Shame on you.


Other retailers will have their customers delivered on a golden plate. These apps are so effective with a direct connection to an army of ready-to-go delivery people. It is very likely that your order will take only the time it takes to collect the item and reach you. As it is more than likely that someone is already in this store waiting for the next order to come in. All this FREE for retailers!


Thanks to these delivery apps, the global economy is booming and the number of jobless claims is at its lowest in 60 years!


Each of these delivery people guarantees the work of hundreds of people down the chain who were at risk before the arrival of these new delivery applications around the world. Amazon posed a real threat to all retailers around the world. No more. Every retailer is hiring now and the economy is on the right track.


Soon, Amazon will envy all the retailers of this world. Imagine that customers come to their stores and pick the items themselves. Just mind blowing. Who thought of that. Genius!


I have a lot more to say, but for today, let's end with what Amazon did to me was unacceptable.

They owed me $ 185,000 for almost 2 years and they have nothing against me. The main reason they never answered me. They are not happy with the illicit internal practice on their part that I disclose to them and they simply decide not to answer me or pay me for that matter. I will make a video of what happened to me and the royal treatment I received without any response. Just way too long for me to put this in writing. Mind Blowing! You will never see Amazon the same way again after this.


Amazon is destroying all entrepreneurs and innovators around the world one by one. Have you ever seen the ads that the new way to make money is NOT by selling on Amazon.


Really! I was sure the way to make money was to innovate, create and sell things.


Of course you did. There is a reason for this. Folks, you don't stand a chance. You will be eaten in seconds. Do you know what is the number one strategy on Amazon? Look for it online. It's destroys the competition. This is what Amazon preaches. Just crazy.


MARVELL, NVDIA, VMWARE, TESLA, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, APPLE, NETFLIX and all retailers are just better picks going forward!




Amazon, soon you will beg me to Scooby-Doo all this. Sorry too late.

There is no doubt that we are all pro-earth
It's about time we all do something


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