Security and privacy are crucial to me!

I am proud to present you the most Advanced Mobile Edge Computing Video Conferencing Platform.
There is no limit to the number of Participants that can be added. It's limited to the processor reaching 75% utilization.

It is a decentralized video platform where everyone can participate by hosting a copy of this server.

The industry currently consumes 1.5 GHz/user for merging and so on. Very biffy operation. We consume 50MHz/user, 30 Times less!. Call us the GREEN Video Conferencing Platform.

As you can see from the source code on this page, we are using SHA256 to broadcast the room you want to access over the network, and we are using RSA encryption to communicate with the end server. No ones can know the room you've created. Only the server hosting your room and the attendees you've invited. Unlike other video applications, you cannot listen to the socket to get a room's ID. The one you will probably get is a HASH. Good luck with that!

Everyone uses your data and processes all of your images and videos that they can find to sell you ads.

People, let's be clear. We simply DO NOT track, log, record and follow you. No ones can know the names of the rooms that exist. Not even us!

The copy of the server we will provide you will be password protected and can only run on a virtual machine platform such as Oracle VirtualBox or the simply amazing ESXI platform from VMWare. Again, even we will not have the password for this compiled copy.

Server requirement:
Processor: 20GHz +, no need more than 50GHz
Hard drive: 10GB SSD
Memory: 4GB, we suggest 8GB
Connection: 100 Mbps UP/Down

As you can see, it's nothing. The most important will be the response time of your server. The one with the fastest response time will win the "mining" rewards. it will likelly be the closest server to the new participant, hopefully someone in your neighborhood gets the rewards when you connect. Share the Love!

We will simply create a form where you can enter your server's MACID that only you know and provide us your crypto wallet address to receive the rewards.

We will be doing further testing in the coming month and deliver you the first version by Christmas.


Oh yeah. I tried to have Andy Jassy the new Amazon CEO to resonate over the horrible story that happened to me with Amazoo. Thanksgiving was a good opportunity for them. But again, and again, and again, and again ... NO RESPONSE FROM THEM!

Read the Horrible Story. Shame on you Amazoo!


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