Congratulations everyone, we did it!

I have the honor to announce that all of us on this beautiful planet will be part of this new revolution to create a better world. will be the first blockchain company owned by all of us. Each of us now and in the future will be granted same ownership at birth No one will be forgotten and everyone will flourished together. What Amazon did to me was actually god’s work.


This company should not have the right to dictate us, diminish us or traumatize us. We will create the next Amazon, not owned by one person but all of us. will be in each country and 1000's time bigger than Amazon.

Friends, I have no revenge in me. OK pershap a little against AMAZON. What happens has to happen, that's all!

My friends, no one will have to pay and you will all receive. You see NEOME is our business. For all of us by us! Remember, to make a profit a business needs customers, NOT MONEY!

Well, if we are all NEOME customers, the current value should be maximum from day one. You see, each government will be responsible for NEOME in their country. Each country has different import laws and regulations. Each government will be responsible for the capital investment to build a logistics warehouse to accommodate Neome sellers in their respective countries. They will also be responsible for redistributing the profit base on what their citizens vote.

We are the HODL people, the Humanity Block cannot be sold or bought. it can only be earned. All your good deeds will never be forgotten in the blockchain and you will earned more Humanity Block for it. All good deeds will be voted on and the reward will be determined according to what the community in each country votes.You see folks I am GREEN and we are all GREEN. Like me, you will vote for good humanitarian causes. Like Amazon, 15% of sales will come back to all of us. It is also up to all of us to decide where it should be allocated.

Again, we will never need capital investments for growth, we are a cause, a new movement. We are all Neome. We will eternalize and protect all artists, brands, companies in the humanity blockchain.

I don't see why Eminem or Nike should have to worry about someone taking their name. Like this, my friends, you can rest assured that you will be eternalized in the humanity blockchain and that will be your place forever. You can be sure that the children of my children of my children of my… will listen to your creation and your talent

We are a human company, we do not want injustice. Perhasp Amazon is forcing you to do unethical act as a seller. I hear you and I will make sure you are all heard. The system was designed so that you fight each other and never succeed. The reason why Etzy / Kickstarter / Indiegogo were so essential for us innovators to get a voice in recent years.

It’s all good, but what about me?

Well I hope my dear KevinMeet on Youtube can explain you the economics of it. It’s magical. BTW thumb up Kevin you are really awesome.

Understand that the government is voted by us to serve us. This is exactly what they will do. They will be more than happy to redistribute billions each year to what matters to their citizens.You see if 200,000,000 Americans spent an average of $ 5,000 / year and 15% comes back to them, that means every Americans will get $ 500 back. If the interest rate is 2%, how much can Neome finance you all with $ 500/each/year. Yes $ 25,000/year.

Of course, most of us will vote for GREEN CAUSES, so out of the $ 500, maybe $ 100 leverage at 2% will provided $ 5000 to everyone and the rest will go to good causes. Let’s MeetKevin calculate this is actually very simple.

Neome will basically take care of your interest and be very friendly with the Global Federal Reserve to keep rates low. You see all the Federal Reserve needs guarantees or collateral in order to be able to inject money into the economy. We will be the best guarantee and we will all decide where this money goes. Mr. Powell you have the toughest job in the world. How would you like to focus only on the best vision for all of us, or having to manage where to spend billions knowing they never gets where they are needed?

Now we all own Neome and this business is worth OO

You see we will cherish & uplift every artists / brands / business in the world, the donation amount could not even be quantified by KevinMeet. I'm sure even him will underestimate the power of solidarity.

Now that we're the HODL people, Neome financial will fund all of your needs based on the humanity blocks we own. We are not creating a cryptocurrency because we value the importance of financial institutions around the world. We don't want this to be a way of exchanging money. I believe we should all be enjoying life and only need to work 10 years to be able to live a good life. Basically we are all born with the same number of humanity blocks and we should make good actions to earned the other blocks so that we can all live a perfect life.

How do I earn extra humanity block?
We will all vote together which actions should get what?


We are building the tree of life you see. All your good actions will be in the TREE OF LIFE for eternity. Again the children of your children of you children…. will see and remember all your good deeds. Crypto Currency, BlockChain are all big words folks. You have nothing to understand. The tree of life is simple. It is simply a PUBLIC REGISTER OF ALL OF US. Because no one wants to be forgotten.

Will be yours forever, if there is a duplicate we will had country, city and so on.

Will be NIKE's eternal place, I don't see why someone creation or brand should be forgotten. Same as EMINEM, I don't see why someone should be called EMINEM as an artist in the future. Be creative folks.….

Now USPTO.GOV and I don't have the same vision. I really don't want you to rush and register your BRAND. The trademark registry in the United States can cost up to $ 500 with low attorney fees. It's against supporting innovation, when you have a good idea or a good brand you commercialized it should be yours. Remember that the need to support NEOME will be unprecedented. Your trademark application will therefore be approved by the community. So just explain why this is your idea and you are the original creator and the community should grant you this brand.

You see my friends love is the KEY. Will i get more ownership than all of us. Of course Not. I will get the same ownership as everyone. It will be up to all of you to decide if I shall received.

Again, LOVE is KEY, My only wish is to give LOVE to all of us.


How valuable is if it is everlasting! Your entire generation will benefit from this my friend. The CUSTOMER is the ONLY real value in any business. What makes Apple so valuable is simply because so many of us love it. That's all!

In order to ensure maximum expansion, each country will be in charge of building a logistics warehouse to accommodate NEOME. In return, they will all benefit from the fruits of their local economy. Again, I will explain in the next day why we are all going to WIN. You see in CANADA will not be the same as in USA. Each country will have its own NEOME, its own local economy.

Who am I?

I am the proud father of three little princesses. My name is Philippe Benoît born in 1977 in the Beautiful Province of Québec.

My future page is:

From 2000 to 2014: created
I sold $ 55.0000,000 to 250,000 customers. An average of over $ 200 per order. I was the website designer, the buyer, the customer service with 11 employees. I didn't have Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform for rapid growth. I only grew up with Google and the fact that if you serve a customer well, you will get more customers.

2000 Released the First MP3/CD Player called DiscoTrip CLICK HERE - WayBackMachine 2000
2002 Invent / Released the first TV in the CAR to be mass market. TV Baby! CLICK HERE - WayBackMachine 2002
2004 Growing FAST CLICK HERE - WayBackMachine 2004
2010 Good Memories  CLICK HERE - WayBackMachine 2010
2010 Create a Window CE UI software so advanced. You can see it on
2013 Purchased, I have no clue what to do.
2015 Closed since this name is not relevant in the future. Maybe it was, but now I have and I need to focus my energy elsewhere. I did what KevinMeet did for 15 years.
2005 - 2021 Service worldwide customer with

Actually, I am not updating because most new products are kept private to protect my customers. As you can see I am a good programmer and there is nothing I can't do. What all programmers know is that if you really want it, you can make it.

Initially I want Neome to be your assistant, so I wrote a program that you can pretty much ask anything. This was actually for me to explore my capabilities and have fun. Everything exists online and I am very good at correlating everything. I also managed and owned a factory in China with over 75 employees making over 5000pcs VR set per Day. I cannot even recall all the products i created in my life.

So bottom line, you can rest assured that I am the guy to do the job.


My little finger tells me that all the market makers all over the world just push a number into the computer and sell you a share that they don't actually have AND TAKE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. Call it synthetic shares. Well if so, the GAME is already predetermined unless we do something about it. If we uncover this the market will rise since they will have to buy back all the synthetic shares. If we don’t uncover it the market markers might get away with it.

What about GME Stock?

GME stock was not long time ago shorted at 130%, how does this make any sense! Well, if the stock was shorted at 130%, perhaps it was shorted at 1300% and we just don't know. So we need a reform and GME is the stock that will be the example. ( most shorted one in time ! )

I bought NEOME in 2013, and Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud colloquially known as MBS the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia created NEOM city in 2015.

They both sound the same. I am sure NEOME will be part of NEOM's vital economy. Last week, the Crown Prince has been very active in pushing this idea forward, as you can see online. It warmed my heart. I see this again as a sign that I am in the right direction.

Now to celebrate and commemorate this special event in time. I implore you my PRINCE to HODL GME at 1000 USD. Until we can quantify who owns what. Actually, we just need your blessing, you don't need to buy anything. With your blessing, the stock should naturally go to the moon. I believe God made the right decision to inherit you over 1.5T. It actually takes a great man and a lot of vision to manage such amounts. Your VISION of NEOM and the Star of DAVID should make everyone realize your VISION is your INNER SOUL, and should never be doubted from now on. Please no one should put back the story of last year, My Prince this tells me that some people around you doubt of yours Hands. You should never doubt your DIAMOND inherited hands, and no one shall make you feel so. I am sure you will accomplish Nobel actions in your life.

My prince. At $ 1,000, this company is worth around $ 70 billion. This company has generated in the past more than 6 billion USD in revenue per year. (impressive) With this new movement and your blessing, this company could easily generate sales of over $ 25 billion with a profit around $ 5 billion. You can rest assured that with all of my online experience, I will make sure to participate to make this business run to its maximum. Again a company needs support and customers to growth.

I was really deceived yesterday about the GME's conference call, but whatever we are the ones who are going to create the change.

If we all decide to support GAMESTOP, this company will flourish. Again, the most important for a business is the customers and the people who want to support you. NOT MONEY. So this company, with our full support, will be more valuable than anyone might expect.

My prince, I need your royal hand to bring justice. You are in fact the largest individual shareholder in the world. You will be the one who will benefit the most from this reform.

Now we need to be very strong all of us, we should all understand that we are about to discover the biggest scheme in history. When all the unlawful market makers get exposed they will have to buy back every synthetic stock created in the last decade, the market will reach a value that doesn't even make sense. It will be the biggest short squeeze in history.

How do we do this? Super simple.

We just need to issue a unique alphanumeric number to all investors from all trading companies around the world and keep a real-time public ledger for each company of who owns what. Like this investors will keep their public anonymity and make sure the result is the same as what they really have.

In the case of GAMESTOP soon we will realize that we owned already all together 1300% of it. Basically all of us will make sure that what we own is on the ledger, and after we will uncover that we actually all owned 1300% of it. Super Simple.

We have no choice. We must immediately restructure the market to save the market

Unless we put GAMESTOP at 1000 USD and keep it there. We will never know the real extent of synthetic shares. If we do, we will start the biggest race in the history of the stock market. If we don’t all the market markers worldwide will consume us in the next years.

So if you are a market maker and have a lot of undisclosed synthetic shares. Please note: we are coming fast! GAME ON

Finally, NEOME will provide more financial support than you can dream of and turn up the global economy in a brilliant and sustainable way. So my friend just HODL and enjoy the show!

Now my dear KEVIN MEET. Please clarify everything and make sure everyone sees and understand the beautiful future ahead of us.

Just HODL for life folks ! THE LEDGER IS COMING SOON!

Philippe Benoît
At your services

Finally, the only reason I grew $ 180,000 USD and didn't withdraw the money from my Amazon account for two months until they suspended me. Is because my 2005 bank key stopped working just after i start selling on Amazon. Without my Innovatek bank key, I could not access my account. It took 2 months for my bank to provide me with a new one. If the bank key had worked, they probably wouldn't have suspended me. $180,000 USD was too good of a bait for Amazon. God's work.