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Looking to revolutionize your business and accept the latest in payment methods? Look no further than the NEOBridge™! Our all-to-all mega bridge makes it easier than ever to accept over 200 cryptocurrencies with minimal fees. With 0% monthly fees and just a 1% transaction fee + network fees, you'll be able to keep more of your hard-earned profits. Plus, with our commitment to putting power back in the hands of the people, you can be a maker and change the way business is done. So what are you waiting for? Open your store today and start accepting cryptocurrencies like a pro!

The most advanced decentralized communication protocol.
Powered by NeoConnect™ Technology.

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Why is this protocol considered the most innovative and efficient?
  1. Decentralized and Browser-based P2P Connections:
    This protocol leverages the power of decentralized architecture and peer-to-peer connections, providing the fastest real-time connection experience available.

  2. Secure Connections Without Limits:
    This protocol offers unlimited secure connections between users, ensuring that privacy and security are maintained at all times.

  3. Global Impact:
    Once adopted on a large scale, this protocol has the potential to save billions in costs and provide a more intimate and connected experience for everyone, at no cost.

  4. A Visionary Solution:
    Developed with the goal of helping Elon Musk achieve his goals and improve the world, this protocol is 100% created and driven by me with a passion for innovation and making a positive impact.

Experience a new level of video chat with NEOConnect™

Are you tired of being limited to 8 users and having your data redirected on centralized servers with popular video chat apps like Facebook, Snapchat, and WeChat? Look no further, as NEOConnect™ offers a secure and scalable solution for all your video chat needs. With its innovative technology, you can connect with more participants and have complete control over your data, giving you the freedom to communicate without limitations.

Decentralized architecture for seamless video chat

NEOConnect's decentralized architecture redefine mobile edge computing and eliminates the challenges of scaling and strains on servers, providing you with a seamless video chat experience. The app is designed to provide the highest level of privacy, with each video encrypted using the latest WEBRTC technique built into your browser.

Saving more energy than Bitcoin

This new protocol will save more than 10 times the energy needed for Bitcoin, considering the redundancy of video transfer needed in the current architecture. NEOConnect™ enables non-main nodes to streamline video sharing by forwarding their video to one recipient and redirecting the final composite video to up to 8 others, without relying on external data centers. This approach is in stark contrast to the traditional method of sending all videos to everyone, which is not scalable and inefficient. NEOConnect's routing of composite videos to specific recipients is both simple and efficient.

Efficient use of bandwidth

According to recent studies, video accounts for over 80% of the total worldwide internet bandwidth. While pictures and videos on platforms like YouTube may not be very demanding, real-time HD video is significantly more so. With NEOConnect™, you can enjoy seamless video chat without any limitations. Each new user added to the network brings more power, making it easier to scale and handle a growing number of participants. All videos are only shared between users, ensuring the highest level of privacy and scalability.

High-quality sound for a truly immersive experience

Merging videos from multiple sources can be challenging, especially when it comes to audio. Other apps may use noise suppression to solve this problem, but the sound quality often falls short. No one wants to hear echo of themselves. NEOConnect solves this problem by propagating each track to all users through a maximum of 8 connections per user, ensuring the best possible sound quality and scalability.

Pop in and sing with your friends in perfect harmony like never before. Enjoy exceptional voice quality without the use of audio node destination. Say goodbye to robotic voices and delays, and experience crystal clear, real-time communication with no delay.

Embrace the future of video communication with NEOConnect™

Why settle for less when you can have a truly immersive private video chat experience with NEOConnect with unlimited capabilities? Upgrade your video communication and embrace the future today!

Is NEOConnect™ FREE to use on

Yes! With the ability to connect with unlimited people for months. Never Stop the Party! NEOConnect offers excellent value for its users. You won't find a better service for your money! Ha Ha it's FREE, please note that advertisements may be added in the future, but they will be placed at the bottom of the page and will not make use of cookies or JavaScript. Advertisers will only be able to display a picture or video, along with an external link that may contain a tag ID to help them track its origin from NEOME. Nothing more. Pure privacy!

NEOConnect™: Secure Communication

NEOConnect™ is the epitome of secure communication. The one-line code system serves as the DNA of the solution, containing everything you need for secure and seamless communication. With its placement in the decentralized IPFS network, this code is immutable, ensuring maximum security for your communication. The code is already immutable and any modification will rendering it inoperative.

The secure signaling server, utilizing NGINX firewall, only opens a single port to the node server, reducing the risk of code injection. Trust in the power of the one-line code system with NEOConnect™.

Why is complete video decentralization so difficult?

It's like trying to create a decentralized ledger but instead of having stable data centers, you have to deal with nodes that come and go as they please and keep it real-time. Imagine if one node leaves that had 10 other nodes connected to it, or another one that has an internet lag of 3-5 seconds every minute, or another one using an outdated computer. The architecture that may seem simple to envision is very challenging to implement due to the inconsistent state of each participant.

This is why, as of today, only a few companies can make it work for groups of less than 8 people, and only a handful can accommodate larger groups. However, no one has yet succeeded in making it 100% decentralized for 8 users or more.

Transform the way we connect, reach out to us and let's work together to make it better.

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