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  1. I'm Yours Jason Mraz
    I'm Yours By Jason Mraz
  2. Rehab Amy & Nehouse
    Rehab By Amy & Nehouse
  3. Back to Black Amy & Nehouse
    Back to Black By Amy & Nehouse
  4. Hurt Johnny Cash
    Hurt By Johnny Cash
  5. Skinny Love Bon Iver
    Skinny Love By Bon Iver
  6. The Sound of Silence Simon & Garfunkel
    The Sound of Silence By Simon & Garfunkel
  7. Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan
    Like a Rolling Stone By Bob Dylan
  8. Loser Beck
    Loser By Beck
  9. Heartbeats José González
    Heartbeats By José González
  10. Better Together Jack Johnson
    Better Together By Jack Johnson
  11. Hallelujah Jeff Buckley
    Hallelujah By Jeff Buckley
  12. Tears Dry on Their Own Amy & Nehouse
    Tears Dry on Their Own By Amy & Nehouse
  13. You're Beautiful James Blunt
    You're Beautiful By James Blunt
  14. Imagine John Lennon
    Imagine By John Lennon
  15. Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton
    Tears in Heaven By Eric Clapton
  16. Chasing Pavements Adele
    Chasing Pavements By Adele
  17. Flume Bon Iver
    Flume By Bon Iver
  18. Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison
    Brown Eyed Girl By Van Morrison
  19. Mrs. Robinson Simon & Garfunkel
    Mrs. Robinson By Simon & Garfunkel
  20. Banana Pancakes Jack Johnson
    Banana Pancakes By Jack Johnson
  21. Love Is a Losing Game Amy & Nehouse
    Love Is a Losing Game By Amy & Nehouse
  22. Breathe Me Sia
    Breathe Me By Sia
  23. Fidelity Regina Spektor
    Fidelity By Regina Spektor
  24. I Walk the Line Johnny Cash
    I Walk the Line By Johnny Cash
  25. Walk on the Wild Side Lou Reed
    Walk on the Wild Side By Lou Reed
  26. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Jack Johnson
    Sitting, Waiting, Wishing By Jack Johnson
  27. First Day of My Life Bright Eyes
    First Day of My Life By Bright Eyes
  28. Your Song Elton John
    Your Song By Elton John
  29. Make You Feel My Love Adele
    Make You Feel My Love By Adele
  30. Save Tonight Eagle & Eye Cherry
    Save Tonight By Eagle & Eye Cherry
  31. Holocene Bon Iver
    Holocene By Bon Iver
  32. Naked As We Came Iron,  & Ne
    Naked As We Came By Iron, & Ne
  33. Love Song Sara Bareilles
    Love Song By Sara Bareilles
  34. Hide And Seek Imogen Heap
    Hide And Seek By Imogen Heap
  35. Let Her Go Passenger
    Let Her Go By Passenger
  36. Come Away with Me Norah Jones
    Come Away with Me By Norah Jones
  37. The Times They Are a-Changin' Bob Dylan
    The Times They Are a-Changin' By Bob Dylan
  38. Ironic Alanis Morissette
  39. Space Oddity David Bo & E
    Space Oddity By David Bo & E
  40. Mushaboom Feist
    Mushaboom By Feist
  41. Perfect Day Lou Reed
    Perfect Day By Lou Reed
  42. Tiny Dancer Elton John
    Tiny Dancer By Elton John
  43. 1234 Feist
    1234 By Feist
  44. Samson Regina Spektor
    Samson By Regina Spektor
  45. Cannonball Damien Rice
    Cannonball By Damien Rice
  46. No One Alicia Keys
    No One By Alicia Keys
  47. Blowin' in the Wind Bob Dylan
    Blowin' in the Wind By Bob Dylan
  48. Heart of Gold Neil Young
    Heart of Gold By Neil Young
  49. Just Friends Amy & Nehouse
    Just Friends By Amy & Nehouse
  50. Waiting on the World to Change John Mayer
    Waiting on the World to Change By John Mayer
  51. Bubbly Colbie Caillat
    Bubbly By Colbie Caillat
  52. Changes David Bo & E
    Changes By David Bo & E
  53. Put Your Records On Corinne Bailey Rae
    Put Your Records On By Corinne Bailey Rae
  54. Piano Man Billy Joel
    Piano Man By Billy Joel
  55. The A Team Ed Sheeran
    The A Team By Ed Sheeran
  56. Born to Run Bruce Springsteen
    Born to Run By Bruce Springsteen
  57. Riptide Vance Joy
    Riptide By Vance Joy
  58. He Can Only Hold Her Amy & Nehouse
    He Can Only Hold Her By Amy & Nehouse
  59. Thank You Dido
    Thank You By Dido
  60. White Flag Dido
    White Flag By Dido
  61. Such Great Heights Iron,  & Ne
    Such Great Heights By Iron, & Ne
  62. You Can Call Me Al Paul Simon
    You Can Call Me Al By Paul Simon
  63. Your Body Is a Wonderland John Mayer
    Your Body Is a Wonderland By John Mayer
  64. For Emma Bon Iver
    For Emma By Bon Iver
  65. Goodbye My Lover James Blunt
    Goodbye My Lover By James Blunt
  66. Bad Day Daniel Po & Er
    Bad Day By Daniel Po & Er
  67. Re: Stacks Bon Iver
    Re: Stacks By Bon Iver
  68. My Moon My Man Feist
    My Moon My Man By Feist
  69. I Feel It All Feist
    I Feel It All By Feist
  70. Hips Don't Lie Shakira
    Hips Don't Lie By Shakira
  71. The Boxer Simon & Garfunkel
    The Boxer By Simon & Garfunkel
  72. Good People Jack Johnson
    Good People By Jack Johnson
  73. To Be Alone With You Sufjan Stevens
    To Be Alone With You By Sufjan Stevens
  74. Suddenly I See Kt Tunstall
    Suddenly I See By Kt Tunstall
  75. This Is the Life Amy Macdonald
    This Is the Life By Amy Macdonald
  76. Dancing in the Dark Bruce Springsteen
    Dancing in the Dark By Bruce Springsteen
  77. Mad World Gary Jules
    Mad World By Gary Jules
  78. Lump Sum Bon Iver
    Lump Sum By Bon Iver
  79. Hometown Glory Adele
    Hometown Glory By Adele
  80. A Thousand Miles Vanessa Carlton
    A Thousand Miles By Vanessa Carlton
  81. My Sweet Lord George Harrison
    My Sweet Lord By George Harrison
  82. Starman David Bo & E
    Starman By David Bo & E
  83. Blindsided Bon Iver
    Blindsided By Bon Iver
  84. Fast Car Tracy Chapman
    Fast Car By Tracy Chapman
  85. 9 Crimes Damien Rice
    9 Crimes By Damien Rice
  86. Jar of Hearts Christina Perri
    Jar of Hearts By Christina Perri
  87. The Blower's Daughter Damien Rice
    The Blower's Daughter By Damien Rice
  88. The Greatest Cat Po & R
    The Greatest By Cat Po & R
  89. Blood Bank Bon Iver
    Blood Bank By Bon Iver
  90. Nothing Compares 2 U Sinéad O & Apos;connor
    Nothing Compares 2 U By Sinéad O & Apos;connor
  91. Sunrise Norah Jones
    Sunrise By Norah Jones
  92. Black Swan Thom Yorke
    Black Swan By Thom Yorke
  93. Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
    Folsom Prison Blues By Johnny Cash
  94. Flightless Bird, American Mouth Iron,  & Ne
    Flightless Bird, American Mouth By Iron, & Ne
  95. Bridge over Troubled Water Simon & Garfunkel
    Bridge over Troubled Water By Simon & Garfunkel
  96. Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield
    Unwritten By Natasha Bedingfield
  97. Turning Tables Adele
    Turning Tables By Adele
  98. Pink Moon Nick Drake
    Pink Moon By Nick Drake
  99. Mr. Tambourine Man Bob Dylan
    Mr. Tambourine Man By Bob Dylan
  100. The Wolves (Act I and II) Bon Iver
    The Wolves (Act I and II) By Bon Iver
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