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  1. Chop Suey! System Of A Do &
    Chop Suey! By System Of A Do &
  2. In the End Linkin Park
    In the End By Linkin Park
  3. Numb Linkin Park
    Numb By Linkin Park
  4. Welcome to the Jungle Guns N & Apos; Roses
    Welcome to the Jungle By Guns N & Apos; Roses
  5. Killing in the Name Rage Against The Machine
    Killing in the Name By Rage Against The Machine
  6. Paranoid Black Sabbath
    Paranoid By Black Sabbath
  7. Toxicity System Of A Do &
    Toxicity By System Of A Do &
  8. Enter Sandman Metallica
    Enter Sandman By Metallica
  9. Back in Black Ac/dc
    Back in Black By Ac/dc
  10. Bring Me to Life Evanescence
    Bring Me to Life By Evanescence
  11. Paradise City Guns N & Apos; Roses
    Paradise City By Guns N & Apos; Roses
  12. Nothing Else Matters Metallica
    Nothing Else Matters By Metallica
  13. Highway to Hell Ac/dc
    Highway to Hell By Ac/dc
  14. Faint Linkin Park
    Faint By Linkin Park
  15. Lonely Day System Of A Do &
    Lonely Day By System Of A Do &
  16. One Step Closer Linkin Park
    One Step Closer By Linkin Park
  17. I Hate Everything About You Three Days Grace
    I Hate Everything About You By Three Days Grace
  18. What I've Done Linkin Park
    What I've Done By Linkin Park
  19. B.Y.O.B. System Of A Do &
    B.Y.O.B. By System Of A Do &
  20. Aerials System Of A Do &
    Aerials By System Of A Do &
  21. Ace of Spades Motörhead
    Ace of Spades By Motörhead
  22. My Immortal Evanescence
    My Immortal By Evanescence
  23. Crawling Linkin Park
    Crawling By Linkin Park
  24. Last Resort Papa Roach
    Last Resort By Papa Roach
  25. Breaking the Habit Linkin Park
    Breaking the Habit By Linkin Park
  26. Iron Man Black Sabbath
    Iron Man By Black Sabbath
  27. Somewhere I Belong Linkin Park
    Somewhere I Belong By Linkin Park
  28. Down With the Sickness Disturbed
    Down With the Sickness By Disturbed
  29. Freak on a Leash Korn
    Freak on a Leash By Korn
  30. Master of Puppets Metallica
    Master of Puppets By Metallica
  31. Bulls on Parade Rage Against The Machine
    Bulls on Parade By Rage Against The Machine
  32. One Metallica
    One By Metallica
  33. Papercut Linkin Park
    Papercut By Linkin Park
  34. You Shook Me All Night Long Ac/dc
    You Shook Me All Night Long By Ac/dc
  35. Behind Blue Eyes Limp Bizkit
    Behind Blue Eyes By Limp Bizkit
  36. Wait and Bleed Slipknot
    Wait and Bleed By Slipknot
  37. The Unforgiven Metallica
    The Unforgiven By Metallica
  38. Bleed It Out Linkin Park
    Bleed It Out By Linkin Park
  39. Before I Forget Slipknot
    Before I Forget By Slipknot
  40. Knockin' on Heaven's Door Guns N & Apos; Roses
    Knockin' on Heaven's Door By Guns N & Apos; Roses
  41. Thunderstruck Ac/dc
    Thunderstruck By Ac/dc
  42. Animal I Have Become Three Days Grace
    Animal I Have Become By Three Days Grace
  43. Going Under Evanescence
    Going Under By Evanescence
  44. Guerrilla Radio Rage Against The Machine
    Guerrilla Radio By Rage Against The Machine
  45. Leave Out All the Rest Linkin Park
    Leave Out All the Rest By Linkin Park
  46. Hypnotize System Of A Do &
    Hypnotize By System Of A Do &
  47. Bombtrack Rage Against The Machine
  48. Du hast Rammstein
    Du hast By Rammstein
  49. Wake Up Rage Against The Machine
  50. Bodies Dro & Ing Pool
    Bodies By Dro & Ing Pool
  51. Tears Don't Fall Bullet For My Valentine
    Tears Don't Fall By Bullet For My Valentine
  52. ATWA System Of A Do &
    ATWA By System Of A Do &
  53. Sad but True Metallica
    Sad but True By Metallica
  54. The Diary of Jane Breaking Benjamin
    The Diary of Jane By Breaking Benjamin
  55. Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne
    Crazy Train By Ozzy Osbourne
  56. Scars Papa Roach
    Scars By Papa Roach
  57. Through Glass Stone Sour
    Through Glass By Stone Sour
  58. Run to the Hills Iron Maiden
    Run to the Hills By Iron Maiden
  59. Points of Authority Linkin Park
    Points of Authority By Linkin Park
  60. Violent Pornography System Of A Do &
    Violent Pornography By System Of A Do &
  61. Prison Song System Of A Do &
    Prison Song By System Of A Do &
  62. From the Inside Linkin Park
    From the Inside By Linkin Park
  63. Know Your Enemy Rage Against The Machine
    Know Your Enemy By Rage Against The Machine
  64. Lying from You Linkin Park
    Lying from You By Linkin Park
  65. Stricken Disturbed
    Stricken By Disturbed
  66. Duality Slipknot
    Duality By Slipknot
  67. Runaway Linkin Park
    Runaway By Linkin Park
  68. Hells Bells Ac/dc
    Hells Bells By Ac/dc
  69. Cowboys from Hell Pantera
    Cowboys from Hell By Pantera
  70. Got the Life Korn
    Got the Life By Korn
  71. The Beautiful People Marilyn Manson
    The Beautiful People By Marilyn Manson
  72. Fade to Black Metallica
    Fade to Black By Metallica
  73. Question! System Of A Do &
    Question! By System Of A Do &
  74. Falling Away From Me Korn
    Falling Away From Me By Korn
  75. War Pigs Black Sabbath
    War Pigs By Black Sabbath
  76. Poison Alice Cooper
    Poison By Alice Cooper
  77. Deer Dance System Of A Do &
    Deer Dance By System Of A Do &
  78. Break Stuff Limp Bizkit
    Break Stuff By Limp Bizkit
  79. Radio/Video System Of A Do &
    Radio/Video By System Of A Do &
  80. Bullet in the Head Rage Against The Machine
    Bullet in the Head By Rage Against The Machine
  81. Patience Guns N & Apos; Roses
    Patience By Guns N & Apos; Roses
  82. Tainted Love Marilyn Manson
    Tainted Love By Marilyn Manson
  83. The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden
    The Number of the Beast By Iron Maiden
  84. Battery Metallica
    Battery By Metallica
  85. Walk Pantera
    Walk By Pantera
  86. Testify Rage Against The Machine
  87. Take a Look Around Limp Bizkit
    Take a Look Around By Limp Bizkit
  88. With You Linkin Park
    With You By Linkin Park
  89. Raining Blood Slayer
    Raining Blood By Slayer
  90. Sleep Now in the Fire Rage Against The Machine
    Sleep Now in the Fire By Rage Against The Machine
  91. Forest System Of A Do &
    Forest By System Of A Do &
  92. For Whom the Bell Tolls Metallica
    For Whom the Bell Tolls By Metallica
  93. Cigaro System Of A Do &
    Cigaro By System Of A Do &
  94. Wherever I May Roam Metallica
    Wherever I May Roam By Metallica
  95. Sugar System Of A Do &
    Sugar By System Of A Do &
  96. Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach
    Getting Away With Murder By Papa Roach
  97. Psycho System Of A Do &
    Psycho By System Of A Do &
  98. Sonne Rammstein
    Sonne By Rammstein
  99. Take the Power Back Rage Against The Machine
    Take the Power Back By Rage Against The Machine
  100. Needles System Of A Do &
    Needles By System Of A Do &
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