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  1. Rehab Amy & Nehouse
    Rehab By Amy & Nehouse
  2. Back to Black Amy & Nehouse
    Back to Black By Amy & Nehouse
  3. You Know I'm No Good Amy & Nehouse
    You Know I'm No Good By Amy & Nehouse
  4. Tears Dry on Their Own Amy & Nehouse
    Tears Dry on Their Own By Amy & Nehouse
  5. Love Is a Losing Game Amy & Nehouse
    Love Is a Losing Game By Amy & Nehouse
  6. What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
    What A Wonderful World By Louis Armstrong
  7. Mercy Duffy
    Mercy By Duffy
  8. Don't Know Why Norah Jones
    Don't Know Why By Norah Jones
  9. Respect Aretha Franklin
    Respect By Aretha Franklin
  10. The National Anthem Radiohead
    The National Anthem By Radiohead
  11. Come Away with Me Norah Jones
    Come Away with Me By Norah Jones
  12. Just Friends Amy & Nehouse
    Just Friends By Amy & Nehouse
  13. Hit the Road Jack Ray Charles
    Hit the Road Jack By Ray Charles
  14. Wake Up Alone Amy & Nehouse
    Wake Up Alone By Amy & Nehouse
  15. Put Your Records On Corinne Bailey Rae
    Put Your Records On By Corinne Bailey Rae
  16. Feeling Good Nina Simone
    Feeling Good By Nina Simone
  17. He Can Only Hold Her Amy & Nehouse
    He Can Only Hold Her By Amy & Nehouse
  18. Some Unholy War Amy & Nehouse
    Some Unholy War By Amy & Nehouse
  19. So What Miles Davis
    So What By Miles Davis
  20. Sunrise Norah Jones
    Sunrise By Norah Jones
  21. Blue in Green Miles Davis
    Blue in Green By Miles Davis
  22. My Way Frank Sinatra
    My Way By Frank Sinatra
  23. Turn Me On Norah Jones
    Turn Me On By Norah Jones
  24. Englishman in New York Sting
    Englishman in New York By Sting
  25. Ain't No Other Man Christina Aguilera
    Ain't No Other Man By Christina Aguilera
  26. Addicted Amy & Nehouse
    Addicted By Amy & Nehouse
  27. Cold Shoulder Adele
    Cold Shoulder By Adele
  28. Candyman Christina Aguilera
    Candyman By Christina Aguilera
  29. To Build a Home The Cinematic Orchestra
    To Build a Home By The Cinematic Orchestra
  30. At Last Etta James
    At Last By Etta James
  31. He Won't Go Adele
    He Won't Go By Adele
  32. Giorgio by Moroder Daft Punk
    Giorgio by Moroder By Daft Punk
  33. It's Oh So Quiet Björk
    It's Oh So Quiet By Björk
  34. Moondance Van Morrison
    Moondance By Van Morrison
  35. Georgia On My Mind Ray Charles
    Georgia On My Mind By Ray Charles
  36. Me & Mr Jones Amy & Nehouse
    Me & Mr Jones By Amy & Nehouse
  37. Best for Last Adele
    Best for Last By Adele
  38. My Baby Just Cares for Me Nina Simone
    My Baby Just Cares for Me By Nina Simone
  39. Fly Me to the Moon Frank Sinatra
    Fly Me to the Moon By Frank Sinatra
  40. Freddie Freeloader Miles Davis
    Freddie Freeloader By Miles Davis
  41. Feeling Good Michael Bublé
    Feeling Good By Michael Bublé
  42. I Put a Spell on You Nina Simone
    I Put a Spell on You By Nina Simone
  43. Home Michael Bublé
  44. Think Aretha Franklin
  45. Seven Years Norah Jones
    Seven Years By Norah Jones
  46. Like a Star Corinne Bailey Rae
    Like a Star By Corinne Bailey Rae
  47. Chan Chan Buena Vista Social Club
  48. All Blues Miles Davis
    All Blues By Miles Davis
  49. Strangers in the Night Frank Sinatra
    Strangers in the Night By Frank Sinatra
  50. I've Got You Under My Skin Frank Sinatra
    I've Got You Under My Skin By Frank Sinatra
  51. Flamenco Sketches Miles Davis
    Flamenco Sketches By Miles Davis
  52. The Thrill Is Gone B.b. King
    The Thrill Is Gone By B.b. King
  53. Shoot the Moon Norah Jones
    Shoot the Moon By Norah Jones
  54. My Same Adele
    My Same By Adele
  55. Everything Michael Bublé
    Everything By Michael Bublé
  56. Super Rich Kids Frank Ocean
    Super Rich Kids By Frank Ocean
  57. Take Five Dave Brubeck
    Take Five By Dave Brubeck
  58. Take Five The Dave Brubeck Quartet
  59. I've Got to See You Again Norah Jones
    I've Got to See You Again By Norah Jones
  60. Smooth Operator Sade
    Smooth Operator By Sade
  61. Feelin' the Same Way Norah Jones
    Feelin' the Same Way By Norah Jones
  62. Haven't Met You Yet Michael Bublé
    Haven't Met You Yet By Michael Bublé
  63. Lonestar Norah Jones
    Lonestar By Norah Jones
  64. Fever Peggy Lee
    Fever By Peggy Lee
  65. Fuck Me Pumps Amy & Nehouse
    Fuck Me Pumps By Amy & Nehouse
  66. Don't Worry Be Happy Bobby Mcferrin
    Don't Worry Be Happy By Bobby Mcferrin
  67. Cold Cold Heart Norah Jones
    Cold Cold Heart By Norah Jones
  68. Sweet About Me Gabriella Cilmi
    Sweet About Me By Gabriella Cilmi
  69. Fragile Sting
    Fragile By Sting
  70. Valerie Amy & Nehouse
    Valerie By Amy & Nehouse
  71. Come Fly With Me Frank Sinatra
    Come Fly With Me By Frank Sinatra
  72. Unforgettable Nat King Cole
    Unforgettable By Nat King Cole
  73. Get a Move On Mr. Scruff
    Get a Move On By Mr. Scruff
  74. Santa Baby Eartha Kitt
    Santa Baby By Eartha Kitt
  75. Honey Pie The Beatles
    Honey Pie By The Beatles
  76. The Nearness of You Norah Jones
    The Nearness of You By Norah Jones
  77. Sinnerman Nina Simone
    Sinnerman By Nina Simone
  78. On & On Erykah Badu
    On & On By Erykah Badu
  79. La vie en rose Édith Piaf
    La vie en rose By Édith Piaf
  80. Forrest Gump Frank Ocean
    Forrest Gump By Frank Ocean
  81. Nine Million Bicycles Katie Melua
    Nine Million Bicycles By Katie Melua
  82. La vie en rose Louis Armstrong
    La vie en rose By Louis Armstrong
  83. One Flight Down Norah Jones
    One Flight Down By Norah Jones
  84. Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock
    Watermelon Man By Herbie Hancock
  85. Nightingale Norah Jones
    Nightingale By Norah Jones
  86. In the Mood Glenn Miller
    In the Mood By Glenn Miller
  87. The Long Day Is Over Norah Jones
    The Long Day Is Over By Norah Jones
  88. By Your Side Sade
    By Your Side By Sade
  89. Start Frank Ocean
    Start By Frank Ocean
  90. Painter Song Norah Jones
    Painter Song By Norah Jones
  91. Naima John Coltrane
    Naima By John Coltrane
  92. My Funny Valentine Chet Baker
    My Funny Valentine By Chet Baker
  93. Strange Fruit Billie Holiday
    Strange Fruit By Billie Holiday
  94. Those Sweet Words Norah Jones
    Those Sweet Words By Norah Jones
  95. Seven Days in Sunny June Jamiroquai
    Seven Days in Sunny June By Jamiroquai
  96. Pilot Jones Frank Ocean
    Pilot Jones By Frank Ocean
  97. Winter Wonderland Tony Bennett
    Winter Wonderland By Tony Bennett
  98. In My Bed Amy & Nehouse
    In My Bed By Amy & Nehouse
  99. Interlude (Milo) Modest Mouse
    Interlude (Milo) By Modest Mouse
  100. Not Just Money Frank Ocean
    Not Just Money By Frank Ocean
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