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  1. Kids Mgmt
    Kids By Mgmt
  2. Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz
    Feel Good Inc. By Gorillaz
  3. Poker Face Lady Gaga
    Poker Face By Lady Gaga
  4. Electric Feel Mgmt
    Electric Feel By Mgmt
  5. Stronger Kanye & St
    Stronger By Kanye & St
  6. TiK ToK Ke$ha
    TiK ToK By Ke$ha
  7. Billie Jean Michael Jackson
    Billie Jean By Michael Jackson
  8. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Daft Punk
    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger By Daft Punk
  9. I Kissed a Girl Katy Perry
    I Kissed a Girl By Katy Perry
  10. One More Time Daft Punk
    One More Time By Daft Punk
  11. Paper Planes M.i.a.
    Paper Planes By M.i.a.
  12. Bad Romance Lady Gaga
    Bad Romance By Lady Gaga
  13. Crazy Gnarls Barkley
  14. Paparazzi Lady Gaga
    Paparazzi By Lady Gaga
  15. Thriller Michael Jackson
    Thriller By Michael Jackson
  16. DARE Gorillaz
    DARE By Gorillaz
  17. Just Dance Lady Gaga
    Just Dance By Lady Gaga
  18. I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas
    I Gotta Feeling By Black Eyed Peas
  19. Hot n Cold Katy Perry
    Hot n Cold By Katy Perry
  20. Halo Beyoncé
    Halo By Beyoncé
  21. In Da Club 50 Cent
    In Da Club By 50 Cent
  22. Beat It Michael Jackson
    Beat It By Michael Jackson
  23. 1901 Phoenix
    1901 By Phoenix
  24. Don't Stop the Music Rihanna
    Don't Stop the Music By Rihanna
  25. Umbrella Rihanna
    Umbrella By Rihanna
  26. Human The Killers
    Human By The Killers
  27. Around the World Daft Punk
    Around the World By Daft Punk
  28. Toxic Britney Spears
  29. Firework Katy Perry
    Firework By Katy Perry
  30. Lisztomania Phoenix
    Lisztomania By Phoenix
  31. Porcelain Moby
    Porcelain By Moby
  32. Hey Ya! Outkast
    Hey Ya! By Outkast
  33. LoveGame Lady Gaga
    LoveGame By Lady Gaga
  34. Walking on a Dream Empire Of The Sun
    Walking on a Dream By Empire Of The Sun
  35. Alejandro Lady Gaga
    Alejandro By Lady Gaga
  36. Sleepyhead Passion Pit
    Sleepyhead By Passion Pit
  37. Dirty Harry Gorillaz
    Dirty Harry By Gorillaz
  38. California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) Katy Perry
    California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) By Katy Perry
  39. I Want You Back The Jackson 5
    I Want You Back By The Jackson 5
  40. Digital Love Daft Punk
    Digital Love By Daft Punk
  41. Aerodynamic Daft Punk
    Aerodynamic By Daft Punk
  42. Teenage Dream Katy Perry
    Teenage Dream By Katy Perry
  43. D.A.N.C.E. Justice
    D.A.N.C.E. By Justice
  44. Irreplaceable Beyoncé
    Irreplaceable By Beyoncé
  45. Hollaback Girl G & N Stefani
    Hollaback Girl By G & N Stefani
  46. Rude Boy Rihanna
    Rude Boy By Rihanna
  47. Disturbia Rihanna
    Disturbia By Rihanna
  48. Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen
    Call Me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepsen
  49. Cry Me a River Justin Timberlake
    Cry Me a River By Justin Timberlake
  50. Dancing Queen Abba
    Dancing Queen By Abba
  51. Something About Us Daft Punk
    Something About Us By Daft Punk
  52. Dance, Dance Fall Out Boy
    Dance, Dance By Fall Out Boy
  53. Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper
    Girls Just Want to Have Fun By Cyndi Lauper
  54. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) Beyoncé
    Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) By Beyoncé
  55. We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) Rihanna
    We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) By Rihanna
  56. Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams) Daft Punk
    Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams) By Daft Punk
  57. Heads Will Roll Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Heads Will Roll By Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  58. That's Not My Name The Ting Tings
    That's Not My Name By The Ting Tings
  59. Boom Boom Pow Black Eyed Peas
    Boom Boom Pow By Black Eyed Peas
  60. Womanizer Britney Spears
    Womanizer By Britney Spears
  61. Crazy in Love Beyoncé
    Crazy in Love By Beyoncé
  62. SexyBack Justin Timberlake
    SexyBack By Justin Timberlake
  63. Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) Lady Gaga
    Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) By Lady Gaga
  64. Say It Right Nelly Furtado
    Say It Right By Nelly Furtado
  65. Grace Kelly Mika
    Grace Kelly By Mika
  66. So What P!nk
    So What By P!nk
  67. September Earth, , Nd & Fire
    September By Earth, , Nd & Fire
  68. Girls & Boys Blur
    Girls & Boys By Blur
  69. Bulletproof La Roux
    Bulletproof By La Roux
  70. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Katy Perry
    Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) By Katy Perry
  71. Wake Me Up Avicii
    Wake Me Up By Avicii
  72. Party in the U.S.A. Miley Cyrus
    Party in the U.S.A. By Miley Cyrus
  73. Technologic Daft Punk
    Technologic By Daft Punk
  74. Your Love Is My Drug Ke$ha
    Your Love Is My Drug By Ke$ha
  75. Genesis Justice
    Genesis By Justice
  76. Breathe The Prodigy
    Breathe By The Prodigy
  77. Black or White Michael Jackson
    Black or White By Michael Jackson
  78. Heart of Glass Blondie
    Heart of Glass By Blondie
  79. Pump It Black Eyed Peas
    Pump It By Black Eyed Peas
  80. Blue Monday Ne & Order
    Blue Monday By Ne & Order
  81. The Bad Touch Bloodhound Gang
    The Bad Touch By Bloodhound Gang
  82. Maneater Nelly Furtado
    Maneater By Nelly Furtado
  83. Natural Blues Moby
    Natural Blues By Moby
  84. Shut Up and Let Me Go The Ting Tings
    Shut Up and Let Me Go By The Ting Tings
  85. Titanium (feat. Sia) David Guetta
    Titanium (feat. Sia) By David Guetta
  86. Dynamite Taio Cruz
    Dynamite By Taio Cruz
  87. Candy Shop 50 Cent
    Candy Shop By 50 Cent
  88. Gold Digger Kanye & St
    Gold Digger By Kanye & St
  89. Where Is the Love Black Eyed Peas
    Where Is the Love By Black Eyed Peas
  90. Lights Ellie Goulding
    Lights By Ellie Goulding
  91. The Sweet Escape G & N Stefani
    The Sweet Escape By G & N Stefani
  92. Hung Up Madonna
    Hung Up By Madonna
  93. Praise You Fatboy Slim
    Praise You By Fatboy Slim
  94. Heartbeats The Knife
    Heartbeats By The Knife
  95. Smack My Bitch Up The Prodigy
    Smack My Bitch Up By The Prodigy
  96. Like a Prayer Madonna
    Like a Prayer By Madonna
  97. Sweet Dreams Beyoncé
    Sweet Dreams By Beyoncé
  98. Only Girl (In the World) Rihanna
    Only Girl (In the World) By Rihanna
  99. Break your Heart Taio Cruz
    Break your Heart By Taio Cruz
  100. S&M Rihanna
    S&M By Rihanna
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