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Top 100 Guinea-Bissau @

  1. Angel Zack Knight
    Angel By Zack Knight
  2. WTF Somos A Família, Deejay Télio & Deedz B
  3. Deportee Busy Signal
    Deportee By Busy Signal
  4. A Blessing Hymn Cledo
    A Blessing Hymn By Cledo
  5. An Angel from Above Cledo
    An Angel from Above By Cledo
  6. Un Corazón Feliz Cledo
    Un Corazón Feliz By Cledo
  7. Sacred Union Cledo
    Sacred Union By Cledo
  8. Rhythm & Harmony Cledo
    Rhythm & Harmony By Cledo
  9. From Wealth to Dearth Cledo
    From Wealth to Dearth By Cledo
  10. The Wrath of Nature Cledo
    The Wrath of Nature By Cledo
  11. Yiri Yiri Boum Gnonnas Pedro
    Yiri Yiri Boum By Gnonnas Pedro
  12. Filinwe Gnonnas Pedro
    Filinwe By Gnonnas Pedro
  13. Kande vie Gnonnas Pedro
    Kande vie By Gnonnas Pedro
  14. Oumako Gnonnas Pedro
    Oumako By Gnonnas Pedro
  15. La Isla Bonita Madonna
    La Isla Bonita By Madonna
  16. Don't Cry for Me Argentina Madonna
    Don't Cry for Me Argentina By Madonna
  17. Will You Be There (Single Version) Michael Jackson
    Will You Be There (Single Version) By Michael Jackson
  18. Heal the World Michael Jackson
    Heal the World By Michael Jackson
  19. The Girl Is Mine Michael Jackson
    The Girl Is Mine By Michael Jackson
  20. Holiday Madonna
    Holiday By Madonna
  21. La Isla Bonita Madonna
    La Isla Bonita By Madonna
  22. Papa Don't Preach Madonna
    Papa Don't Preach By Madonna
  23. The Protagonist Dead Can Dance
    The Protagonist By Dead Can Dance
  24. Muscoviet Mosquito Klan Of Xymox
    Muscoviet Mosquito By Klan Of Xymox
  25. No Motion Dif Juz
    No Motion By Dif Juz
  26. Crushed Cocteau Twins
    Crushed By Cocteau Twins
  27. Frontier Dead Can Dance
    Frontier By Dead Can Dance
  28. Fish Throwing Muses
  29. Cut the Tree The Wolfgang Press
    Cut the Tree By The Wolfgang Press
  30. Acid, Bitter and Sad This Mortal Coil
    Acid, Bitter and Sad By This Mortal Coil
  31. Hot Doggie Colourbox
    Hot Doggie By Colourbox
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